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Madeleine Yong is a spark for new initiatives and a catalyst for change.

She has an expansive tool-kit from modern psychology to ancient wisdom.

An intuitive and integrative therapeutic play practitioner who only serves the best interests of her clients and the community. 

For over 20 years, Madeleine has supported thousands of children and adults to move forward from their past traumas and daily fears. Her accomplishment as a founding director of a non-profit organisation in Malaysia has become the regions prominent voice for child rights protection, a catalyst of change and a bold initiator of new structures, programmes and policies. 

Madeleine's love for travel has taken her around the world from South America, Europe to Asia to study from numerous outstanding play therapists, child psychologists, powerful energy healers and spiritual master teachers. She participated in profound healing ceremonies, become certified in a variety of modalities, including Reiki, Pranic healing, chakra healing, Sekhem light energy system, colour therapy, Mayan sacred geometry, Shamanism, Ifa, Slavinski system, Serenity vibration healing and enlightenment technique and many more. 

Madeleine offers a range of classes in person or distance online. It can be private or in group settings. 

Madeleine is a powerful force for good in this world.
She is rightly the person leaders and healers go to get healed.
My session with her helped me lift a cloud I had not been able to lift on my own. We all need help sometimes and Madeleine’s ability to help is wonderful. Thank you and I recommend her services wholeheartedly.
— Anthony Davie, Mexico Sustainable Life Trainer
Madeleine has the unique ability to see what needs to be done for her clients and the fire to help them manifest from a space of co-creative genius. Her approach is straight forward, witty and authentic. Her dedication to being of service to her clients and community is awe inspiring.
She is a teacher worth studying under.
— Brook Still, Master Healer & Teacher, Los Angeles



With a dazzling career in the music industry spanning 20 years as a Singer, Composer, Lyricist and Producer, Melissa has an intrinsic affinity with music and words. This led her to create a signature transformational modality in 2016, known as Intuitive Music Programming (IMP).

Based on her own personal practice, IMP uses the power of music to evoke your ability to feel. Melissa intuitively selects songs and creates playlists, relative to the subscribed workshop thematic. Each playlist supports a compassionate and empowering journey during which songs are broken down lyrically as Melissa guides you through processes, shares useful tools and opens discussions while undiscovered parts of you show themselves for transformation.

You will be offered the opportunity to participate in additional guided visualisations and have access to affirmations written exclusively to facilitate you on your unique path to self-expression and connection. Words are often limiting when it comes to describing where we are at any given moment, whilst music offers a full expression.

Melissa is a Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Level 1 and Level 1 Mastery Teacher & Level 4 Master Practitioner. She is also a practitioner of Divine Intervention. 

Melissa offers live IMP workshops in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. She launched her online IMP courses in April 2018 to a global market.

She has presented her work at HolyMama Retreats and Feminine Leadership Retreat. Melissa spends her time between Malaysia and travelling for her IMP workshops.

Melissa presented her work at my Leadership Retreat in February and we were all moved deeply. This is an ideal program for the times in which we are living and I recommend working with Melissa and her IMP program without hesitation!
— Dawn DelVecchio, Mentor, Priestess and Best-Selling Author, www.dawndelvecchio.com
Melissa is an alchemist for the heart.
She connects with people on a deep level through her inspiring music, her intentional words, her enchanting voice and her ability to be fully present.
Her presence at the HolyMama Retreats was felt by every single individual. She was so loved and appreciated by the whole team and the clients alike.
— Claudia Spahr, Hay House Author, Founder, www.holy-mama.com


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