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The RYSe programme will support you to dissolve your false self-perceptions, childhood conditioning and habitual patterning in a way that will surprise you. It will enable you to uncover, plan for and realise your true significance. One day workshops ideal for those who are curious and are looking to sample the impact of the experience.


Thoughtfully designed 3 or 6 Night retreats at luxurious locations around the world.

Each location has been carefully hand picked for its natural surroundings and individual beauty. 

The RYSe Experience is ideal when YOU are:

  • Bored and life is mundane. Something is "missing"

  • Stuck in your career, life or relationships

  • In an unhealthy/destructive/toxic relationship

  • Stressed, anxious, fearful or burnt out

  • Unable to connect / have intimacy problems

"Listen to your inner voice, connect your inner and outer life, and express your truest nature with ease and grace"

What else will I discover and experience?

  • Re-activate vitality and self-confidence

  • Access new insights about your relationship with you

  • Gain a clearer sense of significance

  • Witness the healing voice of your soul

  • Dissolve negative patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs

  • Acquire tools to activate my ideal potential

Are you looking at your life and thinking “there’s got to be more than this”?
Are you feeling unsatisfied or discontent despite having everything ?

Break the mould. Unplug from the grid 

Realise Your Significance is a programme designed to support the collective

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Come on a retreat and journey with us if you are feeling any of the following:

  • I am searching for my purpose

  • I am looking for a deeper connection in all my relationships

  • I am ready to move into a new stage or season of my life

  • I want joy and abundance in my life

  • I want to heal


"It’s important to create space for yourself to feel into where you are in your life, where you are in the world and whether it is because it has happened by chance or design"